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Massage Therapy

Whether you need a massage for relaxation, restoration or rehabilitation you will benefit from the variety of techniques available to give you the greatest benefit for your body, mind and soul. For your first visit please select 75 minute session. The fees are plus HST.


The zones on the feet correspond to the body's organs, glands and systems.  Your session includes a foot cleansing, gentle stimulation and applied pressure to the feet, hands and/or ears which will improve circulation and the natural flow of energy in the body. This treatment will relax and encourage the body to heal itself.  The fee is plus HST.


Healing blends are customized for individual treatments.  Aromatherapy provides many health benefits that are unique to each essential oil. The aromatic essences of the oils help to restore health and harmony to the body and if appropriate can be included in any session.

Thermal Palms® Massage 

A soft alternative to the traditional hot stone massage, this massage soothes to the core. These hand-held heat modalities mould to the contours of the body and provide a deep penetrating heat. Indulge in a decadent one hour full body massage or just add a pair of Thermal Palms® to target those trouble spots and let the tension in your body melt away!

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